Alexa Echo Skill Development

Smart virtual assistant
to increase your team efficiency

Alexa for Business

Enhance executives and employees improve productivity in the office.
Measure and increase utilization of meeting rooms.

Private Alexa Skills

Voice-powered capabilities that enhance the Alexa experience while remaining private to members of an organization.

The Future of VUI in the Workplace

Alexa Echo skill is designed to help employees manage their schedules, keep track of their to-do list, dial into conference calls, and make voice calls on their behalf.
Alexa for Business allows meeting attendees to control the equipment in their conference room using just their voice, to notify IT about a broken printer, and to recall the latest sales data or inventory levels.
Within the working environment, the virtual assistant becomes the virtual secretary.

LEX Q&A Chat Bot

NLP Chat Bot Powered by Amazon Alexa

High quality speech recognition and natural language understanding. You can also easily integrate with your existing enterprise applications and databases.
Error-handling prompts address scenarios where the user input is not understood, allowing for a graceful handling of error scenarios.

Rich formatting capabilities provide an intuitive user experience tailored to chat platforms like Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Twilio SMS.
Amazon Lex is a fully managed service so as your user engagement increases, you don’t need to worry about provisioning hardware and managing infrastructure to power your bot experience.

3rd Party Chat Bot Integration

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