Ease of use, automatic software updates and users’ thirst for limitless access and maximum flexibility.

Cloud Computing has grown exponentially over the past several years.
This is certainly because there are many situations in which utilizing the cloud makes sense.
The most obvious would be in a small startup operating on a lean budget where cash flow is tight.

Several factors determine when it is better to deploy in-house infrastructure than to use the cloud.
An in-house IT infrastructure is probably best for high-scale IT environments that process large amounts of data, especially if that data is constantly growing, and for companies that want maximum flexibility to make changes.

The decision of where to store data and run applications doesn’t have to be a strict matter of cloud vs. in-house. In some cases, the best solution is a combination of both (hybrid).
Organizations may want to implement in-house servers to handle standard traffic and turn to the cloud for additional capacity.

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